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~It's a Never Ending Wonderful Story~

*+*+*+life is hard but its a Never Ending Wonderful Story+*+*+*

~ Min-chan @ Rai-chan ~
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I’m Mean. 16 years old girl, or rather 15 and half. Still a secondary school student.
Been in love with NISHIKIDO RYO for a while now. *points to the left*
He’s the reason I’m drowning in Johnny’s fandom.
I love fanfics though I sometimes think I should stop reading it. Why?
Cause its addictive. Plus, fanfics made me cry. Not just angst one, but crack and fluff too.
Too sweet fics made me tear up.
Too funny fics made me laugh till I cried.
And angst, no further description.
NEWS is my ichiban. KAT-TUN is niiban. Arashi and Kanjani8 shared the 3rd place.
Ultimate OTP is RyoDa. Second is AKame. Or maybe RyoKame.

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