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Blackmailing Heart [part two]

Title: Blackmailing Heart [part two]

Pairing: RyoDa…

Genre: crack, fluff…

Rating: PG…

Summary: The princess is being blackmailed by his prince! >>>baka me n stupid summary<<<

Disclaimer: definitely not mine!

A/N: this is multichap~! gomen...i put part instead of chap coz my brain went blank that time...*smacks own head*
n diz is the 2nd part...gomen if it sucks...*bows*
the next part will up either Sunday or Monday...but definitely next week...COMMENTS, CRITICS are LVE~!





Ueda rests on the long couch inside the dressing room. He is tired after three hours of non stop dance practices and looking at the juniors who greeted him this morning(and just now) with unusual smirks on their faces. His eyes blink several times, picturing yesterday incident. He sighs. What are you doing Ueda Tatsuya??? You’re surrendering to your enemy~! He tries to close his eyes; hoping that he can at least sleep for a pinch, but the noise of KAT-TN are definitely disturbing him. A sudden squeaking sound from the door distracts almost every member of KAT-TUN; except for Taguchi who is totally in his Game Boy.

“Minna genki? JIN~! I miss you~!”  Yamapi sticks out his head behind the door.

“I miss you too Pi-chan~!” Jin who is eating that time, runs to Yamapi and hugs his best friend tight. Jin smiles when he sees Ryo behind Yamapi.

“Ryo-chan…don’t you miss me?” Ryo frowns.

“We just met yesterday Jin…Pi…” Yamapi pouts.

“Mou Ryo-chan…that will be like…18 hours before…and I missed Jin cause it’s hard to meet him these days…especially when he will always be around Kame…” Kame is the one who frowns this time.

“Eh? I’m sorry but me neither don’t one this (totally referring to Jin!) clinging to me like, every seconds! Especially when he gets horny! You can take him all you want Pi…” Jin pouts. Yamapi pats his shoulder while Ryo gives a ‘you’re-really-good’ grin to Kame. Kame replies it with a ‘thank you’ smile.

“Ryo-chan…don’t you missed Tat-chan?” Jin’s question draws everybody in the room attention including Ueda who is now standing. Ryo smirks. Ueda scowls.

“…you don’t need to know the answer…well…if all of you don’t mind…” Ryo pouts towards Ueda, making the older boy to raise his eyebrow. Yamapi and the rest of KAT-TN nod before slowly make their way. Ryo enters the room after everybody else has gone and carefully shuts the door. Ueda rushes towards the door wanting to get out of there.

He tries to turn the doorknob but someone is holding it outside the room.

“Omaera~! Let me out, baka!” Ueda shouts, making the figure behind him to smirk. He can hear Jin shouting, combined with lots of noise, from outside.

“Owh Uebo you don’t have to be shy with us! Just finish whatever ‘business’ you have with Ryo-chan and we will let you out after this, ne?!”

Ueda drops his jaws. “WHAT~??! I do not have any fucking bus…”

His sentences are stopped by a glare from Ryo. The Osakan then grabs his wrist and pulls him to the center of the room. They are now standing in front of each other.

“…princess, let me warn you for the last time…don’t you fucking dare to tell ANY of your group members OR juniors OR sempais OR anybody outside and inside jimusho about THIS…or you and your precious Cyoko will totally face the consequences…” he threats Ueda. The older boy gulps. He looks to the floor. I never know that this midget can be like, this freaking scary. He always looks like he is ‘shy’…duh. Ryo smiles when he looks at Ueda. I don’t know that this hime can be like, this freaking cute and yeah…fragile. He always looks like he is damn tough in front of everyone else.

“…so what do you want me to do? Before that…since I do not want any harm done to my Cyoko, I want proves that she is still safe.” Ryo sighs.  No doubt that he will surely thinks about that. He fishes out his cell phone from the back pocket of his pants and quickly flips it open. He shows the device to Ueda.

“Take it…and see it yourself…” Ueda takes the phone hesitantly and looks at the screen. A brown fluffy teddy bear sits on something, wearing a frilly black and white dress complete with a bonnet on its head. (An indeed stupid imagination of me since I do not have any teddy bear)
Somehow, Ueda thinks the bear’s eyes looked sad.

“You have not harmed my Cyoko right?” Ryo raises an eyebrow.

“I will if you do not follow my orders. For now, just be an obedient boyfriend ne? And yeah…we’ve got photo shoots for 2008-2009 calendars today…you better…” he steps forward, forcing Ueda to move backwards, towards the couch. Ueda lost his balance and slumps down to the couch. Ryo pins his shoulders. Their faces are now really close with each other. Ueda’s heart beats faster. Nande? He is so not trying to kiss me…

“…shows them that we’re together now…okay?” Ryo says and then followed by a smile. Ueda lets down a sigh of relief. Suddenly…his eyes widen.

Something soft comes in contact with his forehead. And after that, all he can hear are the squeaking sound of the door and the high-pitch voice of Jin. He doesn’t realize that his cheeks are now blushing in the shade of pink and the rest of his group members are totally teasing him.           

=== ^___^ ===

Cameras are flashing everywhere. Some of the jyanni’s are busy picking clothes and most of them are waiting for their turn for calendars photo shoots. NEWS and KAT-TUN have already finished their calendar photo shoots when their manager told them to go to another studio for an express combined photo shoots. They look each other’s face with questioning expression.

“Ne Pi, what’s the occasion?” Jin asks. Yamapi just shakes his head. A girl with a camera in her hand walks towards the 12 young men.

“Evening jyanni’s…” All of them bow slightly. The girl smiles.

“I think most of you don’t know about this photo shoot. Well…let me give a little brief. It’s for Johnny’s Entertainment Special Calendar. We’ll…well…kind of emphasize on important dates and days…any questions?”

“Ano saa…what’s your name, miss?”  Yamapi utters. The girl chuckles softly.

“Sumimasen… I’m Ayaka…” she then bows. Kame frowns a bit.

“Are you the photographer?” She shakes her head slightly.

“No I’m not. She’s the photographer…” she points towards another girl wearing a cap.

“Yosh~! Minna genki?? I’m Hikaru, Aya’s sister! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” KAT-TUN and NEWS look a bit surprised.

She’s the photographer?

Can she really take pictures?

Looks like she’s still in high school…

I don’t care…

She’s hyperactive~!


Hikaru then opens her mouth.

“Minna…for the first photo shoot I need 3 people in a group for one season…all of you shall decide it yourself…the second photo shoot I need pairs in the same group…for examples AkaKame and RyoPi…and for the extra photo shoot…I shall decide it myself…” the girl browses through the paper in her hand, giving some times for the groups to decide. Yamapi talks with Kame for a moment before he calls his group members. “Minna…Kame and I have decided that three NEWS members and three KAT-TUN members for each season. How’s that?” Most of them just nod as a sign of they agree. Hikaru claps her hand.

“Minna~! You guys ready? If you are please go and get changes. The photo shoots will start in 15 minutes.”


=== ^___^ ===

Camera flashes here and there. Big fans and lamps create a hot atmosphere thus, giving more energy for the both groups to style in actions. The first photo shoot are done with the results on how hot the boys look in four different seasons.

“Okay! Great you guys! The second photo shoot is next. So, the pairs please get ready. The theme is the same…the four seasons but I’m adding love in it…jaa…Love in the seasons okay…and the first pair will be?”
Jin stands up and forces Kame to stand at the same level as his.

“AkaKame~!” The rest of the boys laugh. Yamapi wipes his tears due to massive laughing.

“This baka simply doesn’t want his turtle away from him!” Ryo just doesn’t care about it.

He’s worry about something now. He walks to Ueda who is sitting alone.

“…princess? You are paired with whom?” Ueda gives a look. Why must this midget be here??

“With Junno…since Maru already chose Koki…”

“Taguchi? Tell the photographer that you want to change Taguchi with me…” Ueda raises his eyebrow.

“WHAT??” Ryo smirks.

“Tell her that you want to change Taguchi with me…or…” he stops his words and flips his cell phone open. When Ueda looks the screen again he scowls.

“You win…midget…” the latter than walks towards Hikaru who already finished shooting Akame. They talks for a while before Ueda comes to Ryo again with surprisingly a smug smile.

“She said cannot…it’s already fixed. Go talk to her if you don’t believe me…” without a single word, Ryo goes to Hikaru. Ueda can see his facial expressions changes and somehow he can feel the dark aura around Ryo.

“Next!” Hikaru says out loud. Ueda walks with Taguchi to the set. Ryo bits his lip. You’re gonna get it hime after this…its payback time…

=== ^___^ ===

“Alright~! For the extra photo shoot we’ll do cross pairing between both groups.

…Koki with Tegoshi…Maru with Massu…Kame with Shige…Taguchi and Koyama…and Akanishi and Ueda and after that Nishikido and Yamashita…”

Everybody looks kind of satisfied and walks to their pairing without noticing the two last pairing as all of them are totally happy getting new partner. Ueda lets down a sigh of happiness as he walks to Jin. I hope this girl don’t realize it… Ryo smirks. He walks towards the girl and whispers something to her. Hikaru then nods several times.

“…seems like there are mistakes…sumimasen…I’ll re-arrange the last two pairings. I kind of forgot that Nishikido-san and Yamashita-san are in the same group….and Ueda-san and Akanishi-san are in the same group…too…so…Nishikido-san and Ueda-san…and PiN…” Ueda stops exactly in front of Jin. EH~?? Jin smiles and runs to Yamapi before hugging him.

Ryo grins. He walks closer to Ueda and grabs his shoulder. Ueda widens his eyes.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu hime…” Hikaru claps her hands.

“Please get ready! And one more thing guys…one of the pair will cross dress and touched up…and it’s already decided…”

 Upon hearing Hikaru’s words, most of them drop their jaws! Hikaru chuckles seeing the two groups.
Aren’t cross pairings enough??!

“…the clothes all of you’re going to wear will be given based on selected themes okay…KokiTego and TaguYama (taguchi-koyama) pairs theme is Christmas…PiN will be V-day, Kame-Shige will be White-day…Maru and Massu will be New Year…and yeah…RyoDa (Ryo-Ueda) pair theme is Halloween. Okay! Please get ready with your clothes~!”

They move in an un-arranged manner towards the dressing room. After a few minutes, you can totally hear screams! Hikaru laughs out loud.

“I’m a genius…”


The extra photo shoot starts with Maru wears a kimono and Massu wears a yukata in the same purple and yellow shade. After that, PiN come out after Jin finished struggling to put his wig on. He looks totally kawaii in a white long dress (wonder how Kame can be the Uke) beside Yamapi who wears a tux. (A/N: sounds like they’re not in V-day but wedding instead…*shots*) Hikaru takes beautiful shots with her camera firm in her hands.
(Besides…who want to give, the only opportunity to photographed Johnny’s boys…)

The next pairs are Kame-Shige where Kame wears a sailor fuku and Shige in a high school outfit. Jin looks totally jealous when Shige kissed his turtle’s cheek. KokiTego and TaguYama acts as the Mr. and Mrs. Claus/ Mr. and Mrs. Elf. (Guess who the elves are? XD) Here, it’s Maru’s time to envy Tegoshi who got to sit on Koki’s lap. Koki smirks. You serve it right…who ask you to wear that same shade kimono with Massu huh?


 Hikaru sits down, quite tired.

“Next one~!” No answer. She calls again. “Next!” still no answers. Hikaru looks at Ayaka.

“Where’s the last pair?” Ayaka points towards the dressing room. She stands up and walks to the dressing room. Ryo is there, waiting for his hime.

“Ueda-san? Daijoubu?” Ueda stutters.

“Is it okay if you don’t take my pictures with him in this?” Hikaru chuckles and looks at Ryo. He just shrugs his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Ueda-san. But there’s nothing I can do…I’ll just take a few shots okay?” after a minute, the door squeaks. Ryo’s eyes widen and yes, he totally drools over Ueda. Kawaii~! Ueda blushes. Hikaru smiles.

“Alright last pair is ready!” She holds her camera tight. I’m so not gonna regret taking pictures of the boys today~!

“Tat-chan kawaii~!”

“Uebo sugoi~!”

“Ueda-kun! You’re beautiful!”

“Owh I envy you Ryo-chan~!”

They look at Ueda up and down. Ueda sits on the chair at the center of the creepy Halloween set, bashfully. Suddenly he feels something around his waist. He looks to the left. Ryo’s face is really close with him. Ryo whispers. “You look just like Cyoko in that dress…” Ueda shivers. His heart beats faster than usual. Damn…I’m not gonna admit this…but he looks kakuii in that vampire or lord Dracula outfit.  KLIK! SNAP! They blink. Candid?!

“Great guys! Keep up the good work! Nishikido-san keep it up with that seducing…and Ueda-san just keep the way you’re shy ne??” Ryo smirks. Ueda’s white cheeks turn red when he feels his neck quite hurt but yet enjoying.


The photo shoot finally ends. Ueda takes a glance at the pictures on the tables. The members of NEWS and KAT-TN are busy choosing the pictures. Ueda sighs. He takes a picture of Ryo marking him. Why must this midget even exist??

Ryo smirks from quite a far distance. I’m wondering if this is just the beginning of my plan.


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