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Blackmailing Heart ...[ part one ]

Title: Blackmailing Heart [part one]

Pairing: RyoDa…

Genre: unidentified…

Rating: yet to b known…

Summary: The princess is being blackmailed by his prince! >>>baka me n stupid summary<<<

Disclaimer: definitely not mine!


A/N: I’m hibernating …*sighs*

Thanks to unknown77_77  and hanny2luv  4 some ideas~! this is 4 RyoDa lovers~! n not 2 mention stalkers which one of them is me~!


Ueda walks leisurely along the hallway of jimusho. He greets every juniors with his best smile; unknowing that a pair of devilish eyes are following him.


“Ohayo Uebo~!” Jin greets him. Ueda smiles.

“Ohayo Jin…how’s your sleep last night?” Jin grins.

“Ahah! To be honest I can’t quite sleep last night…you see…Kame and I…” he can’t finish his words as Kame already cups Jin’s mouth with his hand. Ueda frowns but then he laughs.

“Gomen ne Tat-chan. This baka over here simply wants to tell everything…” Kame sighs. Ueda chuckles over Kame’s words.

“You better figure out something or he WILL tell everything and not to just me…it’s lucky you managed to stop him just now…”

Koki screams for Ueda.

“What’s wrong Koki?” Koki just points towards his make-up table. Ueda rushes to his table; only to find a blue envelope.

“There’s something on it…maybe it’s for you…”

The boxer than sits on the chair and carefully opens the envelope.


Ohayo~! Meet me at the rooftop exactly 12 o’clock

I’ll be waiting…




Ueda raises his eyebrow. What the fuck? Stupid admirer? Ueda looks around. Lucky, the KAT-TN are not here.


=== ^______^ ===


Ueda goes to the rooftop using the stairs. His heart was beating faster along the way to the rooftop. He glances at his watch. 12 o’clock already.

The door squeaks when Ueda pushes it. A familiar figure shows his back to him. Why do I feel like the devil’s aura is around him? The figure than turns around.

Ueda’s eyes widen and indeed, he is in shock!


“My…my princess…you don’t have to widen your already-big eyes…” Ryo smirks.

This fucking midget is the one who sent that letter?!

“…seems like you’re speechless due to my charm…so, let me begin…” Ryo takes out something from his bag and shows it to Ueda who is approximately 5 meters away from him.

Ueda is again, shock! My teddy bear~! Cyoko~!

“How…is that…teddy bear…with you, Nishikido Ryo?!” Ueda stutters. Ryo smirks again. Ueda feels like the invisible aura around the figure in front of him is getting darker.

“Well princess…this teddy bear is called Cyoko, right? If I’m not mistaken…it’s yours, right?” the Osakan asks. Ueda takes a deep breath. To nod means that I’m actually weak, having a teddy bear at the age of 25…to shake will exactly harm my beloved Cyoko…Dou suru??

“The fact whether it is mine or not is not the big deal. I’m asking, how is that teddy bear with you, Nishikido Ryo?” Ryo frowns but then he smiles, devilishly.

“So…our little princess is not going to admit…it’s okay then…” Ryo walks until the end of the rooftop and holds only one hand of the bear. He then shakes the bear, playfully; leaving Ueda completely in stress.

Fucking midget trying to blackmail me??!

“I bet it is not yours, then…say goodbye Cyoko…” Ryo’s hand slowly letting his grip on the bear’s hand.


“ITS MINE! STOP! Just…stop…” Ueda kneels down. He covers his face with his hands; can’t bear to see his beloved teddy bear being ‘killed’. The memories of him with the bear suddenly flood his mind.

“It’s not so hard to admit right…” Ueda looks at Ryo. The Osakan is hugging the teddy bear. FUCK~!

“…well then…I had already admitted, so please give me back my precious Cyoko…” says Ueda in a high tone.

“…not now princess…I’ve taken care of your teddy bear here…so, I need something in return…” Ueda narrows his eyes. I’m so gonna fucking kill this fucking good-for-nothing midget!

“What do you want from me?” Ryo grins. My plan is going to succeed…

“…simple…just a kiss…here…” he puts his finger on his lips.

FUCK~! Like I’m going to do it…

“…no fucking way Nishikido…” Ryo’s grin is getting wider.

“…then, you have to say goodbye to Cyoko, ne?” Ryo repeats his action. Ueda sighs. I’m so gonna regret this!

“OKAY! I’ll do it…” Ueda walks slowly and regretfully towards Ryo. The distances between both of them are becoming closer and closer until only an inch left.  They can somehow feel each other’s breath. I’m so, so gonna regret this!

He draws his face closer to Ryo’s before slowly puts his lips on Ryo’s.


“WUUU~! Tat-chan~!” Ueda draws back his face when he heard someone screams his name. He turns around and sees every members of NEWS and KAT-TN are there.

I’m so fucking dead and I’m so gonna bring this midget to hell with me! Ueda’s cheeks turn red. Ryo is still smirking. The 10 people that are hiding behind the door come out and congratulate them.

“Ryo-chan! You don’t even tell me that you and Ueda-kun are together now...” Yamapi pouts. Jin pats Yamapi’s shoulder.

“Yeah Ryo-chan…we’re best friend ne…”

Ryo puts his arm around Ueda’s waist, pulling the older boy closer. Ueda’s eyes are suddenly extra big. What’s this midget trying to do?! And what fucking TOGETHER? We’re not together baka! He blackmailed me! Somehow, his voice, his words, his sentences are stuck. Ryo looks at him. His devilish smile appears again.


=== ^______^ ===

Ueda jumps on his bed. He presses his face onto the pillow.

“ARGH~! Fucking midget!”



“Yup…we’re together now…” said Ryo. Ueda looks at him.

“WHAT?!” screamed Ueda. The member of NEWS and KAT-TN looked at him.

“Nande Tat-chan?” Kame asked. Ueda stuttered.

“This fucking midget…don’t believe him…he black…” Ueda can’t finish his words as Ryo pulled him closer. His lips were totally close with Ueda’s ear.

“…Ssh…princess…you are not telling them that I blackmailed you right...”

“…the hell I won’t!”

“…Ssh…cause if you do…you’re the one in trouble. I’m not the one who has a teddy bear at the age of 25 years old…” Ryo whispered; causing Ueda to shiver.

“OWH…how sweet Ryo-chan~! I’m jealous with you Ueda…” Ueda gave Jin a death glare, making the latter covered his mouth.

“Ne~Tat-chan…You are so lucky to have Ryo... Congrats~!! And Jin, we have to talk…”Kame looked at Jin. Jin gave him a nods and likes a little child, he followed Kame.

“Ryo, is that why you called all of us here and get us hide behind that door?” Koyama asked while pointing to the door.

“Yup~ Surprise!!! Actually I want to tell all of you about this but I don’t know how…So, it ended up like this…”He grinned. His hand still wrapped around Ueda’s waist.

“You…call all of them…here?? Just to tell this nonsense??”

“It is your plan, isn’t it??” Ryo answered it louder.

“Majide?? Tat-chan, you can just tell us right away.  There is no need to do this…Anyway, congrats ne~” Nakamaru who heard Ryo’s answer spoke.

“Ryo, take care of him…don’t you ever try to hurt him…If you hurt our princess, you are dead meat!!” Taguchi spoke for the first time, giving Ryo a look.

“Don’t worry…how I could hurt my precious hime??” Ryo still grinned.

“Just to remind you…Minna, let’s go. We have practice after this…” The T-TN headed to the door.

“Ne~Ryo…Congrats…but I wonder why Ueda likes you, the one with poison tongue?? Before this, didn’t both of you were in fight?” Shige asked him with a frowning face.

“You know what, Ueda likes me because of my poison tongue…Right, hime~?? And somehow that fight turn to be love~~”

“Ueda, if Ryo does anything that harm you, just tell us, okay? Anyway, Ryo…Omedetto!!” Koyama shaked his hand with Ryo’s, and then followed by the others.

Why does everyone shake their hand with that fucking midget, congrats him and give him advices as if we are a newly-wed??!!  Damn it!!

Ueda however showed his fake smile while Ryo smiled his most devil smile.


End of Flashback


Ueda grabs his phone besides him when the electronic device played Yorokobi no Uta. He answers the call from an unknown number.

“Moshi-moshi…Ueda on the line…” the voice he hears than made him regret for answering the call.

…I know you’re princess…” Ueda makes a face.

“What the hell you want with me Nishikido?” Ueda hears someone chuckling on the line.

…mind your language princess…I’m your well, official boyfriend now…you might as well call me dear or something similar…” Ueda sticks his tongue out; as if Ryo can see it.

“Don’t you forget that you’re blackmailing me? I’ll sue you!”

…yeah…do it…sue me…and then what? You cannot recognize your precious Cyoko? Or maybe you want the whole jimusho to know that you, Ueda Tatsuya, a guy, at the age of 25 years old still have teddy bear? Go on…do it…I’m not the one who will loose anything…” Ryo’s voice sounds intimidating. Ueda looks down. He tugs the bed sheet, imagining that it is Ryo’s hair.

…princess? Are you still there? Or you lost your voices?” Ueda lets down a heavy sigh.

“What do you want me to do? Be your fucking boyfriend so that I can get back Cyoko?”

…yeah princess. Your brain does work after all. Thought that Bakanishi had infected you with his bakaness…and you must follow everything I told you to do…” Ueda almost choke hearing Ryo’s words.

“…WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??! Like I will do it!” Ueda hears Ryo’s chuckling at the end of the line.

…I’m not a man who likes to repeat so many time princess…well, see you tomorrow…jya!


I’m so gonna kill that good-for-nothing-self proclaimed-argh-sexy Osaka man!!!


And the never ending not-so-wonderful story has just begun…

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